Bike contract


The rental company ““Sea Bounty Service di Piga Paolo”” based in Olbia at Via Porto Romano 30, VAT number 01998620908 hereinafter Lessor, with this contract grants to rent without driver.

To Mr./Mrs[Name][Surname] , born in[Birth City] , prov.[Birth State] , the [Birth Date]
Tax code.[Tax Code] , resident[City] to the street[Address] , POSTAL CODE[Zip Code] (hereinafter Client),
That accepts the brand vehicle[Brand] code [Vehicle Plate]
And the accessories indicated in detail in the “Delivery Form” which, duly signed by the Customer, is attached to this contract under no. “1”
INSURANCE COVERAGE:  ___ RC      ___ IF     ___ KASKO
CREDIT CARD ________________________________________________,  EXPIRY ______ / _______
TEL.[Telephone] , MAIL[Email] , “TYPE” LICENSE N.[License] , EXPIRY [Lic. expiration]
RESERVATION:[Rental ID] , TOTAL €:[Rental Bill] , DEPOSIT €:[Security Deposit] , DEPOSIT €: [Deposit]

The parties agree and stipulate that the rental will be governed by the following AGREEMENTS AND CONDITIONS:

The customer undertakes not to provide false information on their personal details, age, address and driving requirements, expressly exempting the landlord from any prejudicial consequences that may arise in the event of false declarations. The customer declares that he is the holder of a valid driving license for the license to drive the rented vehicle, and that he is not subject to legal restrictions or provisions of the judicial or administrative authority. In the case of customers from non-EU countries, it will be necessary to show an international driving license, as long as the country of origin is a signatory of one of the driving conventions to which Italy adheres, namely the Geneva Convention of 1949 or the Vienna Convention of 1968. . Citizens of States that are not signatories of either of the two Conventions will be able to drive in Italy, if in possession of their national driving license and a translated copy of the same to be requested at the Italian embassy in their country of origin or at embassies and consulates. of your country in Italy.
The scooter is entrusted to the customer with a full tank of fuel, supplied with standard equipment, accessories (helmet, anti-theft system) and the circulation documents of which the customer becomes the keeper in all respects. The vehicle is delivered in excellent conditions of conservation and operation, without defects, in the state documented by the card in this contract, and the customer, by signing it, declares to have viewed it, to have verified its excellent conditions and to consider it suitable for use. . With this agreement, only the ownership of the vehicle is transferred to the customer, remaining the possession of the same in the full availability of the lessor. The customer acknowledges that he does not have any real rights over the rented vehicle and the accessories supplied and, therefore, cannot dispose of them in any way.
Only the customer is authorized to drive the scooter, therefore he assumes all risk and responsibility in case of entrusting the driving of the vehicle to third parties and also for the other effects of art. 116 paragraph XII of the Highway Code relating to the assignment to a person without a driving license. Sub-rental of the vehicle to third parties in any form is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the customer may in no case use or allow the vehicle to be used: (a) for the transport of things and / or people for commercial purposes; (b) to push or tow vehicles, trailers or other things; (c) under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens or any other substance (including drugs) capable of impairing the state of consciousness and alertness; (d) for purposes contrary to the law. The Customer is required to use all the anti-theft devices with which the vehicle is equipped whenever it is parked and left unattended. The Customer assumes the obligation not to refuel the rented vehicle with fuel other than that foreseen; not to carry out directly and / or have other repairs carried out without the consent of the Lessor; to replace damaged tires at his own expense in the event of punctures. The return of the vehicle with repaired tires is not allowed. Rates include unlimited mileage.
The customer declares to be aware of the rules of the current Highway Code. In any case, for the sake of completeness, the lessor has informed the customer about the main rules, with particular reference to the legislative discipline on the use of helmets, speed limits and the consequences deriving from their non-compliance.
The “RENT FOR OLBIA” has provided the customer with a copy of the insurance contract (Annex A), and therefore the customer declares to know, accept and undertake to comply with the conditions set out in the insurance policy. The rented motor vehicle is covered by civil liability insurance. For any claim not covered by the aforementioned policy, the customer will be held responsible, who undertakes as of now to compensate “RENT FOR OLBIA” for any damage deriving from said claim. The customer will also be responsible for any claim that the insurance company will not compensate in application of art. 1898 of the civil code where the aggravation of the risk is attributable to him. In any case, even in the event that the claim is covered by the policy, the customer undertakes to pay the “RENT FOR OLBIA” the amount relating to the deductible provided for in the policy.
Within the limits established by law, the lessor cannot be held responsible, and the customer renounces for himself and for his heirs or assignees to advance any and all claims against the lessor for any damage suffered by the customer or third parties as arising from the use of the rented vehicle, or for loss or damage to things owned by the customer or third parties left in or on the vehicle.
In the event of an accident, the Customer undertakes to:
to. immediately inform the Lessor by telephone, sending him a complete detailed report within the next 24 hours on the form enclosed with the vehicle documents (CID form); otherwise, the customer will be held responsible for the consequences deriving from failure to comply with the three-day deadline prescribed by art. 1913 cc for the notice of the accident to the insurer;
b. inform the nearest police authority;
c. not to issue statements of responsibility in the event of uncertainty about the dynamics of the accident;
d. take note of the names and addresses of the parties and witnesses;
And. provide the Lessor with any other useful information;
f. follow the instructions that the Lessor will provide regarding the custody or repairs of the vehicle. It should be noted that, for the purposes of this contract, “accident” means any event resulting in damage to the rented vehicle.
The Customer undertakes to return the vehicle and its equipment at the date and time agreed between the parties before the start of the rental, under the same delivery conditions, and therefore also undertakes to reinstate any shortages and compensate for all damage caused. The Customer assumes the obligation to compensate for damages deriving from refueling with fuel other than that provided for the rented vehicle, and for damages deriving from
repairs carried out and / or carried out directly by the Customer without the consent of the Lessor, or deriving from the circulation of the vehicle despite the presence of breakdowns and / or damaged or repaired tires. The Customer will be held directly responsible in case of theft and / or fire of the rented motor vehicle. The Customer will also be held responsible for any consequences deriving from the failure to use the helmet,
which he knows is obligatory. The rented vehicle can be driven exclusively by the Customer. The Customer will also be responsible for any damage deriving from abnormal use of the rented vehicle.
The Customer will pay or reimburse the Lessor, upon request of the same, the amount:
I. Of the charges, in the event of theft or fire, to the extent of: • € 1,000.00 per scooter cc 125; • € 2,000.00 for 250/300 cc scooters; • € 3,000.00 for scooters over 300cc;
II. The debit of any fines, penalties, court fees or related credit recovery costs, deriving from the use of the motor vehicle during the rental. In this case, the Lessor will send the Client, via registered letter with return receipt, the invoice with attached copy of the fine and the rental agreement. The Customer will be required to pay the invoice within 10 days of receipt of the same.
III. Of the charge, in the event of an administrative stop, of the daily rate increased by 25% for each day in which the vehicle must remain stationary.
IV. Of the charge, in case of exceeding the threshold for limited mileage, equal to € 0.50 for each additional km traveled.
V. Of the charge, in the event of an accident, € 1,000.00 for motorcycles or scooters up to 300 cc • € 2,000.00 for motorcycles or scooters over 300 cc. ————— ——————– SIGNATURE_____________________________________________
10) PENALTIES – LOSS:  Keys € 50.00 • Vehicle documents € 50.00 • Helmet € 45.00 • Anti-theft € 25.00 • GPS € 100.00 • GO PRO € 200.00 • RETURN OF THE VEHICLE WITHOUT A FILL OF FUEL € 20, 00
FAILURE TO RETURN AT THE AGREED TIME: • After 30 minutes of delay …. one day rate; • After a day of delay …. daily rate increased by 15% for each day of the first week; starting from the first day of the second week, the daily rate increased by 25% will be paid.
For any dispute that may arise in relation to this contract, the competent court is that of Olbia. ————————————————– ————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————————- SIGNATURE____________________________________________
the text in Italian will prevail in case of conflict with the text translated into other languages.
Pursuant to the European regulation for the protection of personal data n. 679/2016 (GDPR), the Customer authorizes the Lessor to process their personal data for statistical and commercial purposes. In this regard, the Customer declares to have received the information pursuant to the European Regulation for the protection of personal data n. 679/2016 (GDPR).

Olbia, ______________________________________________________________                                                                                                           THE CLIENT:_____________________________________________

In accordance with articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the Customer specifically declares to have read and approved the agreements and conditions referred to in points 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 of this contract.

THE CLIENT:_______________________________________________