Canyoning Rio Pitrisconi

Rio Pitrisconi is a river that crosses the forest property of Monte Nieddu di San Teodoro.
Along its course we will be able to admire imposing granite gorges carved by
slow flow of the river, large natural pools and waterfalls; this canyon is
the only one where the water flows all year round! (The range varies according to the

It is a canyoning suitable also for beginners who want to be the first
time to face the adrenaline experience of canyoning.

We remind you that we are the only ones to offer the transport service to
canyon and the transfer service once the canyon is finished that will take us back to San Teodoro without having to face the ascent on foot with wet wetsuits on!


Departure at 8.30 in San Teodoro

Return to San Teodoro at around 1.30 pm

Duration: 5 hours (canyoning descent about 3 hours)
Difference in altitude: 300 meters
Difficulty: easy (also suitable for beginners)
NB: Requirements: do not suffer from vertigo, know
to swim.
What to bring:
Clothing: sports shoes (they will get wet), swimsuit, towel and spare.
Technical equipment (supplied by us): wetsuit, harnesses, helmet and carabiners.

€ 80.00 per person with transfer from Olbia included
€ 65.00 per person without transfer.
Minimum group for the transfer 4 pax.

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